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Lymphatic Drainage Specialists
Take your practice to the next level, by broadening your understanding of how fluids move thru the body, and gain very specific skills to work with it.
You will learn to deal with Inflammations (Acute & Cronic) and other types of Edemas

Chikly Institute will be in Puerto Rico for:
LDT Level I: April 4-7, 2024
(LDT Level II & LDT Level III to be announced)

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Level I (LDTI):
Learn to recognized Inflammation or Edema and how to modified a therapy to work effectively with it. This capacity will start making you ready to work with various degrees of lessions, post-surgery, obesity, sistemic inflammation (like fribromyalgia). It have clinic and sthethics application.
If you want more specific information about this class, please check:

Contact Continuing Education (CE) Hours Total: 24 CEUs for massage therapists - NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451238-10

Abril 4-7, 2024
$650: Precio regular
$450: Repeater or Student*
* Will only be considered for the student discount, students for the following professions: Medical Doctor, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Chiropractor o Naturalopathic Medical Doctor. Official evidence is needed to quality qualify.
This is the final prices. No CHi-Pak discount apply.

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Drenaje Linfático Médico Nivel 2
Drenaje Linfático Médico Nivel 2
30 ago 2024, 9:00 a. m.
San Juan
LDT I is prerequisite

In this class you will learn to "map" the actual lymphatic system of your client/pacient, when it is altered by contusions, surgeries, scar tissues, liposuction, cancer and other alterations of the natural lymph flow. These techniques will enhance your capacity to manage inflammation, edema and Lymphedema.

Contact Continuing Education (CE) Hours Total: 24 CEUs for massage therapists - NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451238-10

August 30-Sept 2, 2024
(Labor Day Weekend)
$650: Special Price
$850: Regular Price

$450: Repeaters

No student discount for this one


LDT II is prerequisite

Just when you though you had everything, this workshop will take you to a whole different level. You will be amazed of the possibilities of our hands! You will learn the skills to work almost all of the inflammatory chronic pain problems, like bursitis, tendonitis, trigger points, and so much more. We will learn to drain bone, ligaments, tendons,  periosteum, scar tissue, eyes, ears...

Contact Continuing Education (CE) Hours Total: 24 CEUs for massage therapists - NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451238-10



To be Announced


$650: Special Price
$850: Regular Price

$450: Repeaters

No  student discount for this one

How it is to take a class in our beautiful Caribbean Island?
                                    ...IS FUN

where to stay? Our suggestion... 

Ocean Park, San Juan


We suggest you stay in Ocean Park, San Juan. Here  you can find nice, affordable Airbnb apartments, walking distance from a beautiful beach. Also walking distance from Calle Loiza, a lively street, with a good weekends night life, restaurants, cafes, food trucks and good local food 'cafeterias'. Puerto Rico is a tourists friendly country. In San Juan, almost everybody speaks English as a second language or at least can understand and make themselves understood.

Plan to arrive a day or two before the workshop or stay a little longer. We have one of the oldest and cutest walled cities in the America's, and truly beautifully conserved. We also have the only Rainforest National Park in the USA and plenty of beaches to explore. You can book a tour to the Rainforest during the day, take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the mountains and then have a Kayak tour in the night in the bioluminiscent waters of Fajardo. Come on... its just a jump!


The Lymphatic Drainage therapy is well known for its benefits for breast cancer survivors, post-surgical patients because of its detox capacities. What is less known is that it is an invaluable add-on to absolutely all the other therapies you do. That is because of the management of edemas... that includes chronic long term inflammation.

Learn to recognize areas in the body that are overflow with liquid, and how to deal with it, painlessly. You would be able to work cases where others can't and modified your touch, to where a more aggresive therapy would be totally counterindicated.


Dr. Bruno Chikly is a French physician, educated in La Sorbonne, who made the most detailed description and drawings of the lymphatic system of the whole body that are available so far. Including the body organs, and all its tissues. He took a long held tradition of Medical Lymphatic work in France, to a whole new level, by incorporating all the discoveries of the Lymphatic System of the last years, and enhancing the repertoire of techniques and applications.

The Chikly Health Institute Certification Program include various workshops, writing and practical tests, case studies among other requierements. Is recognized by the AOTA (American Ocupational Therapist Association) and NCBMB for Massage Therapists, as well as NY, Manitoba, Alberta and other canadian provinces.

For more information about the Chikly Institute:

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